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Not Decided?

If you need help in deciding if Vietnam is the ideal destination for you. Check out our photo gallery, which showcase Vietnam tourism attractions. Of course, the very first article you should read is Why should I visit Vietnam.

#1. Why a trip to Vietnam?
Show me some photographs of Vietnam highlights!
When is the best time to go? Monsoon?

#2. Is it safe? Friendly?
For solo female travelers? Safe to bring kids?
Single males?

#3. Where to go?
Good guide books for Vietnam?

#4. How much will it cost?
Exchange money?

#5. Where to stay?
Hotels? Resorts? Backpackers?

#6. What kind of food in Vietnam?
Dog meat? Vegetarian?

#7. Getting around?
Plane? Open Tour Bus? Train? Taxi?

#8. Sample itineraries?


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