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Vietnam Travel Guide is contributed by people who are passionate about travelling in Vietnam, it is written for YOU, not advertisers! You and your trip are the only reasons that Vietnam Travel Guide exists at all. We really love researching trips and presenting travel guide, and we love the responses we get from travelers we’ve helped.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


pktanis the Editor-in-chief, the part-time designer, basic-html coder & janitor @ Vietnam Travel Guide. A turn of events few years ago lead him to quit his old job, and embraced web 2.0 trusting his entrepreneurship instincts. Never a stranger to new places, PK Tan has traveled to more than 20 countries, and lived in London, Paris, New York, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Manila.

A lot of things have changed over the years, but what hasn’t changed is his fascination with this beautiful, complicated country. He loves advising travellers to Vietnam and have developed this site to share all his knowledge of Vietnam with everyone.

Angharad Bates

Angharad Batescurrently resides somewhere in the sprawling mass of HCMC. While most of the time getting her kicks from the upbeat pace of life here, she also takes respite from the traffic and chaos by visiting Southern Vietnams more soporific destinations. Having previously lived and worked as an English teacher in the UK, Spain and India, she has finally ended up at the far end of Asia, and takes every opportunity to discover as much of it as possible (with the help of lots of holidays and long weekends). She finds the most fascinating and amusing aspects of Vietnam are only just hidden under the surface, and hopes she can be of use to those who are keen to search.

Joshua Owen (Inactive)

Joshua Owenlanded a ‘dream job’ as a tour guide in 2005 throughout Vietnam, China, Laos and Cambodia. However his love of Vietnam never let him stray too far from the country he now calls home. His Vietnamese experiences are wide and varied; from off-road motorbike adventures, to cycling the length of the country, owning a business, and teaching in a Vietnamese high school. All of this has helped shape his understanding of the people, places and culture in this incredibly diverse and unique country.

Jennifer Smith (Inactive)

Jennifer Smithlives in – and loves – Hanoi, but has taken every opportunity to get out of the city to explore the rest of Vietnam. She’s previously worked for specialist travel companies and her work has taken her as far afield as India and Tanzania to check out the best places to visit and stay. Now she is keen to share her knowledge of Vietnam with those who are lucky enough to be visiting this baffling but beguiling corner of the world.

Catherine Ellis (Inactive)

catherinedecided to be a little bit different and leave her home town of Melbourne to travel, live and work in Vietnam. Travelling extensively in Vietnam and other Asian destinations, she has always been eager to support the community through social work and volunteering. Having travelled domestically and internationally from a young age, she is eager to travel further, but for now, her heart lies in Vietnam.

Daniel Harding (Inactive)

Daniel Hardingmoved from Sydney to London in 2005 and has since caught the travel bug. He was lucky enough to explore a lot of Europe with short trips to Africa and America. He met his wife abroad and married in Las Vegas (no Elvis themes). They are both teaching English in Hanoi using this exciting city as a base for further travels throughout South East Asia. He loves discovering new cultures and always appreciates colourful places and people. He hopes he can share a little bit of this passion through his writing. Check out his personal blog @

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