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South Vietnam

South Vietnam covers the Mekong Delta and the area around Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). The key destinations for tourists in the south are:

Mekong Delta – Rated as one of the largest delta in the world, which is renowned for its richness, and responsible for Vietnam’s rice demand, and home to Vietnam’s famous floating market and their friendly residents.

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) – The largest city in Vietnam and the cultural, industrial and commercial focal of the nation. Vibrant, full of life, and a food heaven.

Mui Ne –

If you have been to the North, you will notice considerable difference between North Vietnam and South Vietnam –

1. Cuisine : is one of the more noticeable difference – South Vietnam’s cuisine has sweet flavors which has been heavily influenced by the cuisines of southern chinese immigrants.

2. Personality: Southerners are more relaxed and laid back, and entrepreneurial when compared to the northerners.

3. Climate: Southern Vietnam has only the dry season, and the rainy season.

Suggested travel itineraries:

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    Hello, me and a friend are crossing over from Cambodia in a couple days (early June) and am wondering if you have any strong recommendations on where we should go. We are considering Pho Quoc for a couple days then are really open to see the rest of Vietnam over a months time. Look forward to your response, thanks for your energy in advance.

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